Outsource Data Mining India – Ensuring Social & Ethical Standards

Social Values Matter

Outsourcing your work to professional registered companies result in much more accurate analysis but is that the only benefit?

Have you ever given a thought to the social value aspect?

The statement we are trying to make may not be very apparent to you at this point of time. So let us depict two scenarios which will drive home the point we are gunning at.

Scenario 1:

Rohit is a 20 year old who is still in college. He has secured a freelancing job. His employer is a man who acts as the third party in the deal. This is his first employment opportunity but Rohit is not happy.

“I get paid much less than the number of hours I put at work”, says Rohit.  And he is right. For every successful data entry project completed by him, he gets paid $3. While the firm that outsources the data entry task to his employer pays $30 for the successful completion of each project. So, Rohit receives a meagre $3 for a work that fetches $30.

“I know this is unfair”, says Rohit, “But I cannot complain. This job takes care of my additional expenses. I am unable to join a full-time job due to college.”

Scenario 2:

Roshni is a married woman who works at a BPO. She works 40 hours per week in an office which is devoid of the basic employee infrastructure like air conditioning, employee benefits and bonuses. Her husband makes $250 per month which is insufficient to take care of the monthly expenses. For this reason Rashmi has to work in gruelling conditions to put together $150 a month. In addition to office, she has to take care of her household and two school going children.

Sometimes it gets unbearable for her. The humid weather, the rising cost of living, the school and tuition fees, the lack of comfortable transport, and the rising demands of her growing children, all put immeasurable stress on her.

Nonetheless, she has to continue going to work as it takes care of household expenses.

Ensuring An Ethical Standard:

Since the above described situations are widely prevalent in India, responsibility lies on the Outsourcing firm to perform proper analysis and background research of the company they are outsourcing their work to. Although handing over data mining work to professionals entail greater expenses on part of the Outsourcing firm, nonetheless, social standards and ethical values are maintained.

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