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Ever since we ventured into the competitive field of data research, our prime goal has always been (being a B2B) to provide client satisfaction. Yes, we are a business to business web research company and hence our clients are our customers and vice versa. Data entry outsourcing being a highly competitive field offers us the opportunity to provide our clients value for money, and this lies at the heart of our core values.

How Is Outsourcing Relevant?

Data entry is a labor intensive work which incurs high costs. It demands unwanted overhead expenses plus additional staffing and operating costs. As such it imposes extra burdens on organizations whose main task is much removed from that of data scourging. In such a scenario, data entry outsourcing gains immense popularity.

Prior to 1980, most of the data entry activities were performed in-house by a majority of the companies regardless of whether they were big or small. This was in part due to a need of processed information in order to stay ahead of the competition, and in part due to a lack of cost effective avenues.

With the introduction of the internet and computers in India by 1980s, outsource data entry services achieved prominence. It had benefits for both the outsourcer and the outsourcee.

Benefits for the Outsourcer:

  • Low cost work: What with the labor costs in US being $10/hour and that in India being $0.50/hour?
  • High Accuracy: The data entry work outsourced by the outsourcer is often not their prime offering but much more of a statistical information tool. On the other hand the outsourcee firms specialize primarily in managing and processing data.
  • Non-diversion from core competencies: Outsourced data allows the outsourcer to pay attention to the work at hand while the outsourcee concentrates on providing the most accurate statistical information.

Benefits for the Outsourcee:

  • Employment: Perhaps the biggest benefit is the creation of surplus profitable labor creation opportunities in developing nations such as India where farming is the major occupation.
  • Social Benefit: Outsourcing has resulted in the augmented percentage increase in division of labor in India’s tertiary or service sector.

Benefits of working with us:

As has been previously stated, the well being of our clients lie at the heart of our core system values, for this reason we offer our partners added benefits in the form of:

  • Free samples – Get a part of your work done by us for free in order to gauge our competency and credibility. We charge no fee for this!
  • Access to benefits, discounts, newsletters and help in the virtual assistance space if required.
  • Faulty data - Replacement of bad contacts/faulty data free of charge.

For assistance on Data entry efforts, get in touch with DataCusp, a Global Research, Analytics & Process Management Firm HQ in New Jersey that provides you high quality work at incredibly discounted rates.

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