Check your mail address to avoid ‘BAD GATEWAY’

For professionals and as well as for marketers,email marketing plays an important role to expand their career growth. Other than individual growth, company’s business development also depends hugely on an accurate email list. Today,email marketing has become the convenient way to reach out to the desired customers.This is considered as one of the crucial forms of outreach and communication. You are falling behind others and their progressive and accurate communication movements, if you have an inaccurate emailing list. Therefore, while conducting a thorough research on companies, it is important to find out the appropriate mailing address, through which one can reach out to the right person.

Following the rising importance of email marketing, numerous tools, systems and algorithms are available nowadays, which can guide one in obtaining the correct email address of an individual.This in order helps to outreach and deliver necessary message, successfully.

Finding a correct email address during company research is not an easy task. Researchers encounter with some serious issues while finding email addresses. This is where Data Cusp comes to rescue you. We help companies to expand globally and create an international client base via our varied outsourcing services. At Data Cusp, we follow some useful steps to avoid bad gateway ensuring 95% accuracy in email delivery.

Some of our developing solutions in email spectrum includes:

  • Verify Catch_all email servers
  • Verify emails
  • Find emails by contact name
  • Find emails by domain name
  • Find email web source

Through these email solutions, bounce rates can be reduced considerably and performance of email marketing campaigns will also be enhanced. Protecting your brand reputation with your customers will be easy and also your list willnot contain invalid, non-existent email addresses.

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