B2B Customer Profiling – The Untapped Value of Real-Time Customers


As I was browsing through my mobile, I saw a plethora of YouTube updates on my feed suggesting to me the kind of video content I might be interested in, even though I had not subscribed to the specific channels. Similar is the case with Myntra, an online shopping portal which continues to send me SMS and emails despite the fact that I am not much of an online shopper.

Freelancing websites continue to pool my inbox with emails although I have not been there for a significant amount of time and do not plan on going anytime soon.

Conversely, although I am a gold member of GoAir airlines and travel by it frequently I got no response from GoAir when I tweeted them about an airline delay. I wasn’t guaranteed any special treatment or any virtual support. In fact they never realized that the tweet was from a long-standing customer. I hazard a guess that they would have served me better had they simply been aware.

Ignoring Customers Is Not Bliss:

These brands are in essential losing out on their customers because they do not know their customers well. It is not an unknown fact that most companies still rely on traditional modes of marketing. When you shoot out a mail to the customer you shoot it out at random disregarding hierarchy, rank and good leads. Apart from Amazon and a few other websites, most companies have no idea of what their customers are saying, doing or feeling about their specific brand of service or product.

But companies have scores and scores of data which if put to good measure could yield all the information that is required, using b2b digital marketing you could know the responses of your customers. Sentiment analysis and NLP allow you to gauge what your customers are feeling. You could find out what your customers are interested in, are they interest in the niche services that you offer or the core services? Are they more interested in data services or business reports?

If you go for a B2B partner, here are a few points that you should be looking out for:

  • A better mapped out consumer segment and personalized experience on social media, mobile apps, etc.
  • A significant betterment in real-time marketing endeavours.
  • Long-term customer engagement and improvement in lifetime value.

Importance of Customer Profiling:

With marketing growing at the rate at which it is growing, too many sellers are trying to engage the customers with their goods or services, however most brands still use outdated techniques. In today’s age the number of messages that reaches a customer’s inbox can be compared to a virtual landfill. This landfill occupies so much space that it is difficult for any genuine message to filter through. To filter through this mine of junk one needs to develop better b2b customer profiling techniques. This will ultimately result in personalized messages and targeted services which is the right of the customer.