Check your mail address to avoid ‘BAD GATEWAY’

For professionals and as well as for marketers,email marketing plays an important role to expand their career growth. Other than individual growth, company’s business development also depends hugely on an accurate email list. Today,email marketing has become the convenient way to reach out to the desired customers.This is considered as one of the crucial forms […]

Big Data, Predictive Modelling & Economics

Introduction: What is data useful for? What are some of the techniques and Big Data technologies that we hear about every day? Measuring information, extrapolating them onto sheets, and finally predicting a surmised model, where does all this leads us to? Well when we are working with data we are essentially handling certain quantified information […]

B2B Customer Profiling – The Untapped Value of Real-Time Customers

Introduction: As I was browsing through my mobile, I saw a plethora of YouTube updates on my feed suggesting to me the kind of video content I might be interested in, even though I had not subscribed to the specific channels. Similar is the case with Myntra, an online shopping portal which continues to send […]

DataCusp – Helping You Keep Your Data Entry Outsourcing Costs In Check

Introduction: Ever since we ventured into the competitive field of data research, our prime goal has always been (being a B2B) to provide client satisfaction. Yes, we are a business to business web research company and hence our clients are our customers and vice versa. Data entry outsourcing being a highly competitive field offers us […]

Outsource Data Mining India – Ensuring Social & Ethical Standards

Social Values Matter Outsourcing your work to professional registered companies result in much more accurate analysis but is that the only benefit? Have you ever given a thought to the social value aspect? The statement we are trying to make may not be very apparent to you at this point of time. So let us […]